Name: Mr. Abhay Chitre
Education: B.E. (Electrical) HONS. GOLD MEDALIST SAGAR UNIVERSITY, 1969
Professional  Experience: Over 37 Years

Mr. Abhay Chitre worked with Maharashtra state electricity board (MSEB) for 20 years in various capacities from junior engineer to Dy. Chief engineer in various dept., handling Engineering, Testing and Commissioning of power plant construction (120,210 and 500 MW units). The professional experience gained in MSEB includes Design and Engineering of electrical auxiliary power distribution system for thermal power plants of 120 MW to 500 MW capacity (coal based & gas turbine based) 220 and 400 KV switchyards, grid synchronizing, SCADA systems, installation testing and commissioning of Electrical for power plants and inspection at vendors works in India and in many countries abroad

He has also worked with UHDE (India) Ltd, A German engineering consultant and EPC Company, for 15 years as General Manager (Electrical). He was the Head of Electrical Department for 13 years and was involved in many national and international projects in design, engineering and projects. The experience in includes Design and Engineering of Electrical power distribution systems for large size Petrochemical plants, Chemical plants,Refineries, Fertilizer plants and Captive power plants. Site experience includes supervision of erection, testing and commissioning of the above plants.

While in MSEB, worked as member of Indian Standards Committees (ETDC 57 & ETDC 58) covering all electrical equipment and actively participated in formulating/amending Indian standards for electrical equipments.