Prakash Bapat

Name: Dr. Prakash Bapat
Education: Ph.D. (Engineering); Nagpur University, Nagpur. Thesis: Type synthesis of an adjustable four bar function generator for five or more accuracy points.
M.E. (Mechanical Engineering), IISc Bangalore, 1979.
B.E. (Mechanical Engineering), V.R.C.E., Nagpur, 1977
Professional  Experience: Over 40 Years

Dr. Prakash Bapat started his career with Larsen & Toubro Ltd., as a Post Graduate Engineering Trainee. Later he was Self employed as a main Technical and Managerial Person for about 9 years. During this period, he worked for various industries such as-

  • Electric Steel Foundry
  • Engineering Workshop and Fabrication Shop
  • Steel Rolling Mill
  • Rice Mills

In 1989 he joined as a Lecturer at M.I.E.T., Gondia. Subsequently he was promoted as Asst. Professor in the Dept. of Production Engineering. Around 20 years of his career, he worked as Workshop Superintendent & Asst. Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Later he joined as a Professor in mechanical engineering at Cummins College of Engineering for Women (C.C.O.E.W.) PUNE. After working for a period of about 1year, he shifted to C.C.O.E.W. Nagpur as a Principal.

During his academic career, he has contributed to number of Technical papers in National and International journals, conferences and seminars. He has around 53 technical papers to his account.

He is Recognized PhD Supervisor in the faculty of Engineering and Technology, at Nagpur University.
Currently Dr. Prakash Bapat is working as consultant to rolling mills, foundry, rice mills and other engineering industries.

Dr. Prakash Bapat is providing guidance to Ph.D. and post graduate students working in the following areas:-
1. Development of new hybrid technique for the solution of Euclidian Traveling Salesman Problem
2. Optimum synthesis of mechanisms for path generation and rigid body guidance using Ant colony optimization procedure
3. Vibration signature analysis and fault diagnosis of machines using Neural Network
4. Diesel engine modification and development of producer gas retrofit power generator
5. Concept design of an energy efficient rice mill
6. Development of low cost solar concentrator high temperature application
7. “Design and Development of a Precision Physical System for Weighing Powdered Ingredients of a Product. (With specific application to Flux for Welding Electrodes).

As a part of his academic career he has participated /coordinated various Quality improvement programs for faculty and has also contributed as a resource person for such programmes.

Dr. Prakash Bapat has also conducted training for industry professionals covering following topics.

  • Classical Optimisation
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Artificial neural Networks
  • Computer aided Engineering
  • System simulation
  • Energy conservation.