SMART Engineer™

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In last few years there has been an explosive growth in manufacturing, process and service industries. This growth is not only in the so called developed nations but also in developing economies like our country – India. Rapid Industrial growth has resulted in large requirement of engineers and technical staff which are required for system design, engineering, installation commissioning and maintenance, after sales service, marketing etc. There is shortage of skilled engineers in many areas!SMART Logo

The question a fresh engineer asks as to how he/she can get entry in to this fascinating and exploding world of industrial growth.

Today’s engineer requires multidisciplinary knowledge, practical expertise, professionalism, exposure to international standards and practices, soft skills to fetch a job, grow and become successful in career. An engineer needs to be “SMART” to stand out in the crowd. For transformation into SMART Engineer™ he/she has to be nurtured and guided by a mentor.

Industries are striving for good resources and their HR departments are hunting for such SMART Engineers™ who get top priority in selection and grooming. SMART Engineers™ focus on career building as a long term goal and consider getting a job as a byproduct of the career building process.

Institutes are looking forward to developing association with industries and mentoring academies for enhancing the knowledge and professional & real life exposure to faculties and also providing the growth path for their students.
SMART Engineer™ Proposition by SAN Techno Mentors
Survival, Growth and Excellence of the Fittest” is the latest saying. “Training and Mentoring” Is the new mantra which has become mandatory to take on challenges of the real world and lead the path to success.

“Mentoring is the main motto of SAN Techno Mentors!! With this motto SAN Techno Mentors has enhanced its focus on grooming young engineers to build their career for long term growth.”

SAN Techno Mentors conducts many certificate courses for fresher to transform them to SMART Engineer™

Training Programmes Highlights:

  • Industry grade infrastructure
  • Extensive hands on practice
  • Industry and academic experts as faculty
  • Industrial visits
  • Exposure to international standards & practices
  • Real life case studies and solutions
  • Passed students absorbed in premium industries

Eligibility: Students from Electrical, Electronics, E & TC, Instrumentation, Industrial Electronics, Mechanical, Production, Mechatronics, petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, power engineering, E&I, EEE branches

Following institutes are already benefitted with our association

  • IIT Bombay
  • Indian institute of Chemical engineers
  • AMET University, Chennai
  • COEP
  • PCCOE, Pune
  • MIT, Pune
  • Fergusson College, Pune
  • PES Modern COE, Pune
  • PVPITCOE, Sangli
  • TKIET, Warananagar
  • DKTETextile & Eng Inst, Ichalkaranji
  • NDMVP KBT COE,Nashik
  • KK Wagh COE, Nashik
  • MET IOE, Nashik
  • JES College, Jalna
  • MSSCOET, Jalna
  • TGPCOE, Nagpur
  • NYSSCOE, Nagpur