Name: Mr. Anant Sahasrabudhe
Education: B.E. Marine Engg.
Professional Experience: Over 30 Years

Mr. Anant Sahasrabudhe has had a long professional career as a Marine Engineer and has spent over thirty years in various engineering fields.

He has worked in the capacity of Chief Engineer for about twenty years with A.P. Moller Group, the world’s biggest ship owner in Container trade. He has also worked for Ugland Brothers Norway, Timor Carriers Singapore as an engineer looking after Operations & Maintenance of power generators, boilers, water treatment plants, and diesel machinery. He brings along his immense practical knowledge of boiler erection, commissioning, operations and maintenance used for power generation as well as steam boilers and turbines used for cargo oil pumps and ships propulsions.

Mr. Anant Sahasrabudhe has also contributed substantially in training over the past four years. He played a key role in setting up the state-of-the-art training centre in Chennai, India. He developed the first dynamic Live Reefer Container Laboratory. Mr. Anant Sahasrabudhe has also been trained as a trainer by Maersk Training Centre, Denmark. He has conducted over twenty global Safety Culture seminars for the Maersk Group worldwide.

Mr. Anant Sahasrabudhe has conducted training in several areas under Engineering and Management some of which include Ship Board Management, Crew Resource Management, Ship’s Simulator Training, Safety Culture, Hydraulic and Pneumatic application, Boiler Operation & Maintenance, Maritime electrical operation and maintenance, Multi process control for Maritime application, Maritime Automation and Instrumentation, Commercial Air Conditioning, Reefer Cargo Logistic operation and Technical Management. Mr. Anant Sahasrabudhe has successfully completed the “Lead Auditor Certification” from Lloyd’s for ISO and ISM standards and is able to combine this with his ship experience to carry out ISO and ISM audits for the shipping industry.