Name: Mr. Dilip Kale
Education: B.E. Electrical
Professional Experience: Over 39 Years

Mr. Dilip Kale has over 39 years of industrial experience in Electrical Systems having constructed, erected, tested, commissioned, operated and maintained electric sub-stations for the better part of his working life.

Mr. Dilip Kale worked in erstwhile Government-owned Electricity Generation, Distribution and Transmission Corporation, (having Generating capacity of 12500 MW and a widespread EHV/HV/MV/LV network) in various responsible capacities and retired as Deputy General Manager. During his career he was actively involved in activities of construction of Extra High Voltage (EHV) Sub Station from construction, erection, testing, commissioning and operations and maintenance. He also has experience of construction of High Voltage Transmission lines (33KV).

He has excellent experience of erection and testing of switchgear and protective equipments including testing of protection equipments and control panels. He has worked in 400 KV Construction wing dealing with all activities of construction of 400 KV Transmission lines which includes tension stringing of twin conductor lines.

He handled Operation and Maintenance of Sub-stations of 220 & 132 kV ring main system for providing continuous supply. These Sub-stations include voltage levels of 220kV, 132kV, 100kV, 33kV, 22kV and 11kV, and several trans formers of different capacities from 25 to 200 MVA. His rich experience has allowed him to gain immense knowledge in hazardous potentials, prevention of explosion and electric fire, Personal safety, and the use of safety equipment.

Apart from his hardcore experience in Electrical equipments, and substations, Mr. Dilip Kale has worked in the IT department and was involved in special projects for monitoring of LT billing activities as well as performance monitoring of Electrical Power Systems. He also has experience of ISO 9001:2000 implementation for his division and IT centre.

He has conducted several training programmes for supervisors and engineers working in the electrical field for the Government electricity corporations.

Currently, he serves as a Principal Electrical Consultant to a Corporate Company. He is also attached as a faculty at “YASHADA”, a renowned Training Institute for Senior executives of Govt. of Maharashtra for conducting electrical engineering courses.

He is also a Life Member of The Institution of Engineers (India) Ltd., Calcutta.