• About Mentoring

    “Survival, Growth and Excellence of the Fittest” is the latest saying.

    With increasing global competition, it is becoming necessary for all manufacturing companies to optimize the use of their resources including human assets.

    It is proved that the performance excellence can be achieved by undertaking internal projects. The best method to achieve this is to build an internal team and achieve sustainable development through enhanced in-house capability.

    “Training and Mentoring” Is the new mantra which has become mandatory to make the internal team competent to take on challenges of the real world and lead the path to success.

    Many companies are still lagging behind to understand the importance of above, or even if they understand, they have less priority for the investments in “Training & Mentoring”. This could be because of many factors including:

    • Lack of availability of trainers who have real life industry experience
    • Fear of Attrition of trained manpower
    • Lack of leadership to undertake internal projects
    • Lack of patience till tangible benefits are seen
    • Non sharing of best practices within the industry

    However, the companies who have understood the priority and invested in such projects are making big progress in achieving excellence and these are companies which will not only survive in the global competition but also will grow and excel.

    SAN Techno Mentors is well equipped to, suffice to say, be your training department. In a true collaborative partnership, SAN Techno is able to interface with key engineering personnel in identifying training needs, work closely with key Human Resources personnel in establishing high potential and high performance resources for training, design programmes to marry the two and commit to work on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In effect, SAN is able to create / enhance engineering teams and enable individuals and corporates to achieve their respective goals through the establishment of Technical Training Centres. We also work closely with employees and interns for whom supplementary guidance is unavailable from existing corporate resource pool. This is also achieved, in one form, through project consultancy for some specific requirements that are to be addressed for our customer’s customer.

    SAN Faculty has indirectly mentored several of its past participants and students. Be it with their projects or in choosing an appropriate training for upgrading skills/ knowledge or in choosing a career-path or in, SAN Techno has always provided this value-add responsibly.

  • Building KASH (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits)

    TechNet Mentors is helping its clients in building K*A*S*H* (Knowledge Attitude Skills Habits) which brings in more CASH to its clients. i.e. It improves the top as well as bottom line for the client.
    KASH model is very successful in enhancing the long term performance of entire resources of the organisation including people, processes, plant and machinery, equipments, energy / power, operational efficiencies and effectiveness etc.

    The K*A*S*H* Concept

    In every organisation, the operational performance depends on four important characteristics of each team member. These are Knowledge, Skills, Attitude and Habits.
    Most of the organisations select employees based on the knowledge and skills. However the success of organisation depends not only on the Knowledge and Skills which comes from left side of the brain- but also on Attitude and Habits which come from the right side of the brain which reflect the soft aspects of the personality.
    The K.A.S.H. Box…

    Poor performance is not just an issue of knowledge and skills, but also includes poor attitudes and habits.
    Getting the best out of Human Resources needs development of people not only for building “Knowledge” & “Skills” but also “Attitude” & “Habits”.
    TechNet Mentors’ “Subject Matter Experts” (SME) have expertise in grooming people and working on the development of “Attitude” & “Habits” in addition to “Knowledge” & “Skills”. It delivers more CASH for the client.

  • Techno-HR Grooming and Counselling

    TechNet Mentors undertakes special projects of Techno – HR Grooming and Counseling.

    It helps to identify the competencies required to be developed so that the resource can take up additional/ higher responsibilities in the organization providing personal and organizational growth.

    We provide and complete 360 degrees (techno – HR ) report with recommendations for further actions.

    The project involves following methodology

    • Evaluation by examination (Written Test)
    • Evaluation by interview and its interpretation- technical
    • HR Counselor’s report and interpretation-current challenges
    • Personality Analysis-MBTI- and its interpretation
    • Comments (suggestions): HR
    • Skills required…where to get…how to get…
  • Building Engineering Capabilities Within Team

    TechNet Mentors helps in identifying various improvement opportunities for performance excellence of people, processes, plant & machinery, equipments, capital, assets and operating effectiveness and efficiencies. Having identified such opportunities, it builds and develops & guides and mentors internal teams to see that the projects are moving in the right direction and on time to deliver positive results.

    TechNet Mentors undertakes the mentoring project to develop the in house engineering and project management capability within the team. Several assignments are identified and initiated, various teams are formed and a team leader for each team is defined. Several tests and examinations are conducted to assess thinking capacity of engineers in technical subjects. Assignments cum internal projects are given to the teams which consist of some technical & other projects which are challenging. Various assignments taken together are so designed as to give an in-depth understanding of processes and engineering aspects involved. All assignments have an invisible thread through them.

    These internal projects build K*A*S*H* which directly brings in more CASH for the client. The client also gets many additional non tangible benefits which include:

    • Retention of engineers and human resources due to challenging work
    • Ownership of responsibilities
    • Accountability for results
    • Increase in self confidence
    • Development of analytical skills
    • Enhanced technical knowledge
    • Excellent team spirit and team work
    • Improved communication skills
    • Improved technical writing capability
    • Ability to tackle emergencies & capability to handle day to day challenges
    • Increased dialogue and understanding between maintenance and production teams

    “Training and Mentoring” Is the new mantra which has become mandatory to make the internal team competent to take on challenges of the real world and lead the path to success.

  • Career Development & Growth

    Mentoring is the main MOTTO at TechNet Mentors. At TechNet Mentors, we build life long relationship with our students and participants. As a Mentor, TechNet Mentor contributes to individual’s career development and growth providing a peaceful, healthy and prosperous life.

  • Benchmarking & Performance Excellence

    Performance Excellence is measuring the output of a particular business process or procedure, then modifying the process or procedure to increase the output, increase efficiency, or increase the effectiveness of the process or procedure.

    Performance improvement is targeted to increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency.
    TechNet Mentors helps the client in benchmarking and then working closely with the client team to build the performance excellence and scale it up to global standards. The performance excellence is focused on developing following vital elements on an organisation.

    • People
    • Processes
    • Plant & Machinery / Equipments
    • Energy
    • Raw Materials
    • CAPEX, ROABA, Payback, KRAs, KPIs
    • Operating Effectiveness & Efficiencies