Alumni Speak

Anand Shah
Qualification: B.E. (Mechanical)
Contact Number: 9850077756
Current Organisation: Satara Roller Flour Mills Pvt Ltd
Designation: Technical Director
Course Batch: 1st batch in 2007


I am one of the member of the first batch and The experience was extremely good . I am a mechanical engineer and with little Information about Instrumentation, Electronics and PLC etc. But I was very comfortable as faculty was very considerate and patience enough to solve basic doubts which was very helpful since I was not from the field. the Teaching experience was very much Industry Oriented and the content of the course was very much up – to date and also amount of information given was about 90 % very much relevant. the Faculty was very fluent in English, Hindi and Marathi and the feel in the course was of a world Class institute. I can say this because even after 10 years of course I recollect a lot of things and Today I am on a platform to discuss with any person in the field and understand the technology , make a architecture of small and medium size automaton projects and do basic trouble shooting. I had a chance to study in swiss for 1 year and I can say that the standards of the course were comparable to that of a swiss institute. The basic aspects of

  • importance of documentation,
  • understanding the fundamentals,
  • a brief overview of latest technology
  • important parameters of A automation system
  • making correct choices for field Instruments with relevant IE codes etc
  • importance of correct nomenclature while doing a panel etc

I would definitely recommend this course for executives and senior management personnel along with students and freshers who have to deal with automation. For New people having even no exposure to automation will definitely be in a position to communicate with their employees and understand their issues and take proper decisions which according to me is most important thing for a Management personnel.

I would wish SAN TECHNO – Mentors all the best for their future ventures.
Vaibhav Bhasale
Qualification: Diploma (E&TC)
Contact Number: 9765933074
Current Organisation: Honeywell Automation (Automation Systems Manufacturer), Pune
Course Batch: August 2012



IAE course was very helpful to me. It has given confidence to me to work on different PLC brands & automation systems. Because of this course I got good exposure to automation engineering and I got selected in Honeywell. The mentors at SAN Techno Mentors have helped not just for technical topics but they have helped for enhancement of soft skills.

Pradnya Pise
Name: Pradnya Pise
Qualification: B.E. (E&TC) from RIT, Sakharale
Contact Number: 9960552970
Current Organisation: Prime Controls (System Integrator of GE-IP), Pune
Course Batch: August 2012



This course helped me a lot. This course has given me a direction to my career & helped me in building my basics for industrial automation. All staff & teachers are very helpful and are eager to help in career building. I am thankful for your support.

Ameya Zinage
Name: Ameya Zinage
Qualification: B.E. (Instrumentation) from PVPIT, Budhgaon
Contact Number: 7588586690
Current Organisation: Oil & Gas Consulting Company, Qatar
Designation: Technical / Engineering Consultants



This course is very much beneficial at fresher level. This course is milestone in my career and has changed my way of life with the mentoring. Even though I was from Instrumentation side, I learned many new concepts, international standards which were not studied in college.

Amit Kulkarni
Qualification: B.E. (Instrumentation) from PVPIT, Budhgaon
Contact Number: 9423953829
Current Organisation: Thermax (Manufacturer of Boilers), Pune


I can say that only because of SAN Techno Mentors, I am having the position in Thermax Ltd and I am handling such huge projects alone. I got exposure to many of systems and latest technologies used in industry in the course. Best gain which I feel is life time relationship with Panditrao Sir and all faculties. I have completed my course tenure five years back and till today we are in touch and I am getting very valuable personal advice and help from him in my career growth.

Contact Number: 9168134341
Current Organisation: Transtech Automation

Full credit of my successful career goes to you only.

The biggest thing you taught me is the attitude to handle the automation projects. Whenever new project comes to me or while handing over the project activities to my team members, I always remember the 7 step method.

I was on the verge of collapse in my career before joining the automation course at San Techno Mentors, but today I am successful and most important satisfied. I have earned almost 5- 6 awards in my automation career and credit goes to you only.

I have tried many times to contact you. But somehow we were unable to contact.

I am really eager to meet you and share many things with you.

I hope we will meet soon.

Name: Mrs. Mrunal Bujone
Qualification: M.E. (Instrumentation) from VIT, Pune
Current Organisation: Honeywell Automation (Automation Systems Manufacturer), Pune

Life is a journey, and your words were the guiding star throughout. Happy Teacher’s Day!
Thanks for being my Mentor!!!!

Name: AnasTabhah (Student from Middle East)

Dear Mr. Sudhir, This is AnasTabakh mailing you, I hope that you remember me. I did some courses in 2007 at your company in Pune. I hope that you are doing great. Still I consider you as my mentor 🙂 hope to hear from you soon.