Proficy Machine Edition (Logic Developer-PLC) and Proficy HMI SCADA Cimplicity


Become aware of the GE Intelligent Platforms industrial control hardware Learn basics and features of the GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy tools Be able to build process control applications and confidently maintain a PLC-based industrial automation system


The course familiarizes the student with the control logic development tool suite used to program the entire family of GE Intelligent Platforms industrial control hardware. Emphasis is given to understanding and operating in the development environment, understanding the available logic development options, generating programs using the ladder logic language option and communicating with control target(s). The Proficy HMI/SCADA CIMPLICITY introduction course is a beginning level course focusing on the multiple aspects of project configuration.


>Control System Architecture and Operational Fundamentals
>Basic System Operation and Components
>Operations of Proficy Machine Edition
>Controller Communication and Configuration
>Programming Ladder Logic
>Relay and Contact Logic Elements
>Timer and Counter Functions
>Numbers in Relational and Arithmetic Operations
>Proficy HMI basic features
>Graphic Screens
>Database Logging Tables
>Trend Charts and Alarm Viewers
>Variables and Animation

Individuals who are or will be involved in the maintenance, operation and/or troubleshooting of control systems developed using Proficy Logic Developer (PLC) & Proficy PE (HMI/SCADA – Cimplicity). It is also suitable for engineers beginning to work with Proficy Logic Developer PLC & PE who will be tasked with maintaining PLC – HMI system